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Lemon Essential Oil: Benefits and Uses

, Lemon Essential Oil: Benefits and Uses, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

The lemon essential oil has taken the beauty community by storm. Not only does it have many benefits, but the lemon essential oil is also a natural product used for aromatherapy, medicine, and much more. This essential oil is extracted from fresh lemon peel, and the lemon oil is collected through a process of cold-pressing.  

This citrus lemon plant product has been used internationally because of the numerous health benefits it has to offer. A lemon essential oil can be applied topically after diluting it with water or even inhaled to relieve anxiety. The lemon essential oil has a huge chance of helping you, so you do not want to miss this rare opportunity to discover more of its advantages.  

Lemon Essential Oil & Anxiety  

Lemon essential oil is known for being used as a natural stress and anxiety reliever. Scientifically speaking, it is known for stimulating serotonin and dopamine in the brain and can lower levels of anxiety. Many aromatherapists utilise the vapour of lemon essential oil as something to improve mood and promote sleep, as well as reduce the symptoms of depression.  

Personal aromatherapy devices are also common when using essential oils, and many users of these devices use lemon essential oil as their go-to scent. Experts strongly recommend not inhaling essential oils for more than 15 minutes an hour.  

, Lemon Essential Oil: Benefits and Uses, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

Lemon Essential Oil & Skin  

Yes, you heard that right. Lemon essential oil is used as a way to clear up acne and harmful bacteria, and can also clean up small cuts and wounds. Diluting this oil and applying it topically provides amazing benefits for the skin, and can help restore your beautiful glow because of the vitamin C that it contains. A lemon essential oil can also reduce the appearance of or even remove blemishes, which mainly result from having oily skin. 

When you go out to shop for lemon essential oil, you should also look for a carrier oil. Not only do they have less concentration, but carrier oils also do not cause any harm to the outermost layer of your skin. Be sure to apply a mixture of lemon essential oil and carrier oil to avoid damaging your skin.  

If any irritation occurs, then maybe lemon essential oil isn’t for you. Stop using it immediately if your skin has a bad reaction to the oil, and maybe find another one. There is something for everyone, so don’t give up!  

Lemon Essential Oil & Weight Loss  

Despite the fact that it hasn’t been proven as one hundred per cent effective, lemon essential oil may help with reducing weight gain. When inhaled, a lemon essential oil can remove toxins from the body, and also aids in fat breakdown. It can also help you attain healthier digestion and boost your energy and mood.  

To start using this oil as a possible weight loss aid, try diffusing a couple of drops of lemon essential oil into your humidifier for the best results.  

Lemon Essential Oil & Concentration  

Need more focus? A lemon essential oil can help you with that too. As mentioned, it can boost your mood, but lemon essential oil can also help you concentrate on day to day tasks. You can also improve your cognitive function by having lemon essential oil in the air.  

Diffusing this oil and inhaling it can soothe your brain and help you relax, so it is good for keeping the scent in your workplace, while you’re studying, or any other setting that your brain has to work hard in.  

, Lemon Essential Oil: Benefits and Uses, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

Lemon Essential Oil & Hair  

Not only is lemon essential oil beneficial for the skin, but it can also improve your hair health. If your scalp is oily or acne-prone, a lemon essential oil can definitely help you with preventing infections and balancing out your oils. It can also cleanse your scalp of dirt and dead skin, as well as dandruff.  

Using lemon essential oil for your scalp is simple; create a mixture of a few drops of this oil and water and start to apply it to your hair. If you want better results, crush vitamin C tablets and use them with your shampoo when washing your hair.  

Lemon Essential Oil & Nails  

Lemon essential oil contributes a lot to the beauty community, and it even has its advantages for nails. This oil can help keep your nails nice and clean, and also has anti-fungal properties, so that you can avoid any kind of fungal infection.  

Your cuticles will also thank you because they can restore the shine that gets lost when your cuticles dry up. Many cosmeticians use lemon essential oil for many applications because it is high in antioxidants.  

Lemon essential oil is also great to disinfect your nails with and get rid of any bacteria or grease.  When washing your hands, you can add a couple of drops of this oil to your soap. The end result will be you rocking brighter and healthier looking nails, as well as beautiful cuticles.  

, Lemon Essential Oil: Benefits and Uses, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

Lemon Essential Oil & Colds  

If you’ve ever had a cold, then you know what it’s like to have a nasal blockage. Thankfully, a lemon essential oil can also take care of that issue as well. When you’re sick, inhaling diluted lemon essential oil can clear up your airways and allow you to breathe better. This oil can also help you with your sore throat.  

Setting up a diffuser or humidifier with this essential oil in it can relax your mind and muscles.  As you rest, you will start to feel like everything is clearing up, and the scent will start to calm you down.  

There aren’t many experts that have touched on the relationship between this essential oil and colds, but the vitamin C in the oil can help in clearing up your throat and your nasal passages. 

Lemon Essential Oil & Its Side Effects  

Lemon essential oil is great for a number of reasons, but how great would it really be if you weren’t informed of the side effects it can also cause?  

Lemon essential oil is generally safe for aromatherapy and when you use it topically after dilution. However, there have been some incidents where this oil has caused skin and eye irritation, and it can also cause your skin to be more sensitive to the sun’s UV rays if you go out with the oil on your face.  

You may also see a nonpermanent redness that looks very similar to the typical sunburn. A  burning sensation may also be experienced, which is why the oil is best used when diluted.  

Before you start using the oil, be sure to do a patch test on your skin (such as on the back of your hand) and observe how your skin reacts. If nothing occurs, you can move onto a larger area.  

Do not use a lemon essential oil on or near infants that are less than three months old, and also do not use it on or near animals. It can be toxic to many animals if they breathe in or accidentally consume lemon essential oil, so you should keep them in mind if you’re a pet owner.  

, Lemon Essential Oil: Benefits and Uses, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

Final Thoughts  

Lemon essential oil is a great choice when it comes to essential oils. The benefits on the brain,  body, and skin are the reasons why lemon essential oil is loved and popularized by many.  Although it can have some side effects, lemon essential oil is mainly a stress-relieving and skin-clearing agent.  

You can find lemon essential oil on many websites online as well as pharmacies, vitamin stores,  supermarkets, and more. Be sure to use this oil with caution and do your research about the company you’re buying it from. 

, Lemon Essential Oil: Benefits and Uses, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

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