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About Momiji Herbal Bath Bags

MOMIJI’s herbal bath bags are inspired by traditional Japanese spas, originating in ancient times to restore bodily balance, purify skin and souls. 9 different types of organic herbs offer many health benefits including improving circulation, sleep and recovery from fatigue.


  • The natural herbs steep in hot water, warm the body, improve circulation and soothe.
  • Since ancient times herbs have been used with steaming or soaking baths to enhance natural healing, improving circulation and recovery from fatigue.
  • It may relieve stiff shoulders, neuralgia, lower back pain, chilblains, haemorrhoids, poor circulation, heat rash, rheumatism, recovery from fatigue, rash, bruises, wrinkles, cracks, acne.

Directions For Use:

Put one bag (30g) in your hot bath water or while running your bath (approximately 200L). Gently squeeze the bag under the water and stir well. Set the mood and hop in for a relaxing soak. Lukewarm water at 38°C  to 40°C for 10 – 20 minutes then will help release components better so they can be absorbed into the skin.

When you are done, add your t-bag to the compost bin.

Ingredients (30g):

Filled with 100% organic ingredients: Lotus Flower, Mugwort, Angelica root, Hops Flower, Fennel, Lemongrass, Chamomile, Spearmint, Liquorice Root

Produced in Australia, Polland, Hungary


Consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant, or affected by any medical conditions. If you develop any allergic reactions or feel unwell, always put your personal health first and seek medical advice. If you are like us and love your bath t-bags, visit our store to order some more.


3bags, 5bags, 10bags


30g per bag

Package Materials

Cotton, recycled paper




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