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Some Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits You Must Know

, Some Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits You Must Know, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

Rosemary is basically a fragrant herb. It has gained quite a name for rosemary camphor benefits on health. It has a woody aroma, Giving it a unique feature. The rosemary essential oil uses the health beneficiaries and the aroma of this evergreen shrub. Rosemary is primarily famous for its applications in culinary. However, the uses have reached far beyond the cookbooks. The rosemary camphor essential oil has become of versatile use for everyday life. For example, it helps promote healthy hair, creates a relaxing massage, helps cook healthy meals, and many more. 

Rosemary camphor essential oil has been proved to help treat memory-linked diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and memory loss. It even has an impact on healthy digestion. Quite an oil it is, is not so? Rosemary has become popular worldwide as a medicinal and aromatic plant, besides its other uses. However, the use of the ‘rosemary’ shrub is more prevalent in folk or rural areas than in urban areas. In urban areas, essential oil is more common. Although the name includes oil, it is genuinely not oil. That is because it does not contain fat. 

, Some Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits You Must Know, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

History of the Rosemary Oil

The history of rosemary oil goes back to ancient Greek times. Greeks hailed this plant because of its capability in stimulating brain functions and assisting memory. Hebrews, Romans, and Egyptians also considered it sacred. While studying, the Greeks used to wear Rosemary garlands as jewellery around heads. They believed that it helps improve their memory capacity. Besides, the Romans, along with the Greeks, used this shrub in all their religious ceremonies and festivals. They also used rosemary on wedding occasions. They believed that it works as a reminder of life and death. 

The herb originated from the Mediterranean region. People there used rosemary oil and rosemary leaves as an additive in culinary preparations. On the other hand, in Egypt, the plant was used along with its extracts for incense. People from the middle ages believed that rosemary could prevent the onset of bubonic plague and demolish evil spirits. Based on this belief, people used rosemary branches in various forms across floors and doorways so that the disease cannot enter their homes. People also tossed rosemary on the graves of their beloved ones as a means of not forgetting them. 

Since the early times, rosemary was used in cosmetics for its anti-microbial, antiseptic, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Paracelsus, a German-Swiss philosopher, physician, and botanist, promoted the healing properties of rosemary. His promotion of the plant included its strengthening ability and healing of the heart, liver, and brain. Back then, people did not know about all these viruses and bacteria. Still, they used Rosemary oils and balms to eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria. 

Origin of the Name: 

The name “Rosemary” comes from two Latin words- ros and Marinus. Ros means dew, and marinus means sea. As a whole, it means “dew of the sea.” Although the origin is from the Mediterranean, the plant also grows in the USA, Mexico, England, and in northern Africa, Morocco, more specifically. The plant has an evergreen, energizing, herbaceous, citrus-like scent. Their leaves are needle-like, which is a significant feature. Rosemary essential oil is derived from this herb. It belongs to the Mint family of plants, including Lavender, Basil, Sage, and Myrtle. Its appearance or outlook is quite similar to the Lavender plant. 

Constituents of Rosemary Essential Oil

, Some Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits You Must Know, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

Rosemary camphor essential oil has these main constituents- Alpha-Pinene, Camphor, Camphene, 1, 8-Cineol, Linalol, and Limonene. All of them exhibit some healing activities. For example;

  • Alpha-Pinene exhibits bronchodilatory, antiseptic, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory activities. 
  • Camphor exhibits cough suppressant, febrifuge, anti-microbial, anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory, and decongestant activities. 
  • Cineol exhibits analgesic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, cough suppressant, anti-viral activities. 
  • Camphene exhibits anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and soothing activities. 
  • Limonene exhibits psychostimulant, appetite suppressant, nervous system stimulant, mood balancing, and detoxifying activities. 
  • Linalool exhibits sedative, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic activities. 

Benefits of Rosemary Camphor Oil

The benefits of Rosemary camphor oil are distributed over a wide variety of applications. From cooking to health benefits, rosemary essential oil is everywhere. 

Rosemary Helps Cure Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Memory Loss

In some studies, Rosemary aromatherapy has improved memory quality, memory performance, and increased alertness. In another study with elderly subjects, 750 mg doses of rosemary powder have decreased the time one takes to remember any information. But when larger doses were taken, attention, memory speed, and memory quality declined. It proves that taking a small amount of rosemary powder is quite helpful to cure memory loss. 

People with memory loss problems are prone to Alzheimer’s and dementia. When a person faces less memory loss, they do not have the same risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Thus, by improving your brain health and memory capacity, rosemary powder helps cure all these mental health problems. Rosemary camphor headache solutions are yet another advantage, along with the rosemary camphor memory solutions. 

Rosemary Oil Stimulates Hair Growth

There are so many hair loss types. Androgenetic alopecia, which is known as male pattern baldness, is one of the most common types. Rosemary oil helps treat androgenetic alopecia. How does it do it? Testosterone byproduct attacks one’s hair follicles, causing this baldness. Rosemary oil prevents that byproduct and saves your hair. Massage diluted rosemary oil into the scalp of men with androgenetic alopecia two times a day. Repeat it for six months. Those who followed this therapy got the same result as that of Rogaine, a common remedy for hair regrowth. Yet, they did not face that much scalp-itching problem as one does with minoxidil. It suggests that using rosemary oil is better. 

Rosemary oil does not only help in androgenetic alopecia. It also helps fight alopecia aerate, patchy hair loss. This type of hair loss is more common in people below 21 years and after 40 years. Studies showed that when patients of alopecia areata used rosemary essential oil blend by rubbing it into their scalp, the hair loss condition improved almost in 50% of the subjects. If you compare it to the 15% success in grapeseed and jojoba oil cases, you will understand its effectiveness. 

, Some Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits You Must Know, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

Rosemary Helps Relieve Pain

Folk medicine used rosemary oil as a mild pain reliever. A two-week rosemary camphor study was conducted on stroke survivors who had shoulder pain. When they received a rosemary oil blend with 20-minutes acupressure two times a day, the pain was reduced by fifteen percent. A group conducted a study on animals. It showed that rosemary oil was more effective for pain problems than acetaminophen, a common over-the-counter medication for pain. 

Rosemary Oil Repels Specific Bugs

Harmful insects may infest your properties or bite you. Deterring these bugs is hence essential. You can consider using rosemary oil for that action. That is because it works as a natural alternative to chemical products. For instance, EcoTrol is a pesticide based on rosemary oil. When sprayed on greenhouse tomato plants, the harmful spider mites were reduced by fifty-two %. As a result, the greenhouse faced no harm. Rosemary also has proved itself helpful in repelling particular insects that live on sucking blood. 

Researchers compared rosemary camphor essential oil with eleven other essential oils. Among these oils, rosemary oil had the most extended repelling effect on Aedes mosquitoes that helped spread the Zika virus. A diluted rosemary oil of 12.5% repelled all the mosquitoes for consecutive ninety minutes. A 10% rosemary oil containing spray was effective the same way bifenthrin was. Bifenthrin is a chemical insecticide used in the US to control the spread of ticks with black legs. 

Rosemary Camphor Oil Helps Increase Circulation

Poor circulation or circulation problems is one of the most common complaints. One notices it first in one’s feet and hands. In this complication, your toes and fingers will feel cold even in warm temperatures. Rosemary oil helps in this condition, too. 

Raynaud’s disease is characterized by impairment in circulation. In this disease, blood vessels in the toes and fingers constrict when they are stressed or cold. It causes the person to lose his or her regular skin colour and turns it cold. When a rosemary oil blend is massaged on that person’s hands, it warms the fingers more than a neutral oil does. How does it do that? Rosemary oil expands the blood vessels of one’s body. Thus, it warms one’s blood, and the toes and fingers do not remain cold. Thermal imaging confirmed these effects. However, scientists should conduct more researches in this instance. Before any scientific fact comes forward about this, you can experience rosemary oil on your own. After all, it is very cost-efficient. 

Rosemary Camphor Oil Eases Stress

Scientists are still struggling with finding all the causes of stress. While many of the reasons are published and well-known, there are still some unknown reasons. Among the commonly known reasons, a school test might be one. Inhaling rosemary camphor oil might help you reduce the anxiety for tests. A study on nursing students involved them in breathing rosemary oil. They breathed it from an inhaler during the test and before. The pulse of these nursing students decreased by an astounding 9%. Researchers tried to get the same results without rosemary camphor oil. However, the results were not the same. 

An increase in pulse rates reflects anxiety and stress in the short term. Rosemary oil reduces stress and anxiety levels by decreasing the pulse rate. Another study with 22 adults of young age showed that when sniffed rosemary camphor oil for five minutes, saliva lowered stress hormone secretion by 23 %. The result was not this much effective for those who sniffed another non-aromatic compound. An increase in cortisol levels may also harm by suppressing the immune system, contributing to insomnia and/or causing mood swings, etc. 

, Some Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits You Must Know, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

Rosemary Oil Reduces Inflammation at Joints

Tissue inflammation leads to pain, stiffness, and swelling. There is some preliminary evidence suggesting that rosemary oil helps reduce that inflammation in tissues. How does rosemary oil do it? It is still unclear. However, there are some hypotheses. One of those states is that rosemary oil causes the white blood cells to migrate to the injured tissues. As a result, the WBC releases inflammatory chemicals and thus solve the problem. 

A rosemary camphor oil blend has an astounding effect on rheumatoid arthritis problems. Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of autoimmune condition. In this condition, the immune system attacks its own tissues. For example, it injures the joint’s lining and causes inflammation in the knees or other joints. However, when given a knee massage for 15 minutes three times a week, there was a fifty % decrease in the inflammatory pain. The result was in only two weeks. Those who did not use the oil had only a 12 % decrease. 

Rosemary Oil Perks One Up

It is maybe the most common use of rosemary oil. It helps reduce fatigue and mental strain. A study on 20 healthy adults proves this statement. When inhaled rosemary oil, those subjects reported a mental refreshment increment of up to 30 %. They also felt less drowsy, up to 25 %. These percentages are compared to the output of using a placebo oil. When their alertness increased as such, it corresponded with the brain wave changes and increases in breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate. To get the same results, you can even apply diluted rosemary camphor oil to your skin. It caused a number of healthy people to feel more alert, attentive, cheerful, and energetic. The results were 20 minutes faster than that of a placebo oil. 

, Some Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits You Must Know, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

Rosemary Oil Improves Digestive Health

We mentioned earlier in the article that rosemary oil helps improve your digestive health. How does it do that? A study indicates that rosemary oil stimulates bile release. As we know already, bile is an essential factor for fat digestion. Moreover, rosemary camphor oil activates an anti-oxidant defence mechanism of one’s own, protecting the liver. 

Final Thoughts

Rosemary camphor Alzheimer’s and rosemary camphor dementia solutions have been proved quite useful natural solutions. With their many advantages and health benefits, one should consider making a purchase if they already did not. Rosemary camphor cognitive help is also there to make you consider the decision to purchase. If you have faced any problem like that beforehand, you obviously should try it. Although there are not enough scientific proofs, it still is worth a try. 

, Some Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits You Must Know, Momiji Store | At Home Spa & Therapeutic Beauty Care Online Store

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